California, home to sun, sea, sand and some of the best game design schools nationally. If you eat, sleep and breathe the world of gaming, if you want to turn your passion into a career, you will need to find a well established program within game design. California understands the demanding pressures placed upon game designers, with this in mind they have designed their programs around your needs. The multi billion dollar business of gaming is continually booming. Once a career associated with young ‘geeky’ teenagers gaming has now evolved into a lucrative career opportunity attracting people from various walks of life.

Facets of gaming are continually present within our dialing lives, from our communication systems and simulation programs to within the area of education and medicine. Game play has now been recognized as one of Americas’ favorite pastimes and shows no sign in loosing popularity in the near future. Are you ready to take a piece of this very tasty cake? Californian schools understand that for a serious designer to succeed within the field it is imperative they possess a degree level of studies. Their nationally accredited Bachelor degree programs allow students to feel satisfied in knowing they are learning from industry professionals. Classrooms facilitate a ‘hands on’ learning experience by mimicking industry situations.

Tutors are of a high caliber and a have previous industry experiences. Integrating business, communication and marketing skills within the course result in well rounded designers. Throughout the duration of studies students are encouraged to compile credible portfolios; an invaluable asset upon entry to the working world. Graduates are in a prime location to find entry level positions within the field of game design. Areas such as animation, programming, video game design and web content design are only a few of the areas a game designer may choose to break into. Small gaming firms and large companies, all seek out fresh new designers to help their gaming teams excel. The medical and teaching professions, along with government bodies such as the military regularly employ game design graduates to assist them in developing new high tech software. After a game designer feels they have developed their skills and built a solid network of industry contacts they may choose to enter the world of freelance or start their own game design firm.

California has something to offer everyone during their free time. Outdoor activities are plentiful and a strong favorite with locals due to the Mediterranean like climate. Beautiful beaches are a great way to spend hours with school fiends soaking up the sun, surfing or participating in beach sports, the options are endless. For those who would like to appreciate the natural beauty within California try to organize a weekend of camping or incorporate some team building through the one of the many local hiking opportunities available. Ethnic diversity within the state ensures that there is always a party or festival to be found bringing color and fun to everyday life.

If you are looking to create some lasting memories while attaining a first class education, allow a game design school in California to help you realize your dreams.

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