The City of Torrance is a unique cultural center. A city with plenty of shopping opportunities where one can eat at a myriad of restaurants, hear a free art lecture, watch a free summer movie in the park, and witness a spectacular theatrical , musical, or dance performance. One of the important cultural features of the city is the Torrance Art Museum (TAM). The Torrance Art Museum emphasizes the importance of the arts and art education through its performances, projects, readings, exhibitions and curator workshops. 

Likewise, millions of students who are passionate about the arts attend California Fine Arts Colleges every year because of the excellent opportunity for the expression of all artistic forms. California is one of the leading states for art schools where one can be lectured by the finest instructors and use an art degree in a wide variety of fields upon graduation. There are many possibilities because arts programs come in all shapes, sizes, and settings. One can consider an environment devoted exclusively to the arts or a multi-faceted college which includes the arts. One can also obtain an Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Science degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or a Bachelor of Music (BM). 

Moreover, some California Fine Arts Colleges have a Fine Arts Division that offers academic programs in art, dance, film/video, music, photography, theater, and speech communication. One of the programs that I would study is speech communication because I took a speech communication course at a community college in the Torrance area and had an excellent instructor who increased my confidence in communicating effectively with others. Some of the popular careers that people go into after studying speech communication are the following: acting, motivational speaker, radio/TV announcer, speech pathology, and sales. Many students that graduate from a California Fine Arts College generally work in the film and TV industry. Lastly, another alternative for the arts student is attending a School of the Arts where one can focus on studying a single discipline or more than one discipline. 

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