Pursue your degree and open the door to an exciting career, by enrolling in one of many California’s audio production colleges today!  You can have an exciting career in the music and film industry, advertising and so much more!

California is known for its great climate, beautiful beaches, and cities rich in culture and the arts! It is one of the best states to pursue a career in audio production, and it’s no surprise – it is home to Hollywood!  Renowned for the record and movie industry, the opportunities are endless for someone wishing to pursue a career in this lucrative field.  There are a plethora of California audio production colleges to choose from, not only in Los Angeles, but located in many cities across the state.

If you passionate about the art and science of sound, this career is the one for you!  There are many disciplines within the field of audio production to pick from, such as audio engineering, sound design, sound reinforcement and recording, multimedia design and development, just to name a few.  Most colleges offer hands on training in addition to traditional course curriculum, in order for you to gain actual employment and the technical skills needed to find the perfect career.

With a degree in audio production, there are so many avenues for you to choose from.  You will be able to secure employment either in the music and recording industry, film, advertising, radio and television broadcasting, web development, video game production, etc.  

Many audio production colleges in California offer associate, bachelor and master degrees.  And the majority of colleges have job placement assistance to help you land a job in the area you desire.  With such a huge entertainment presence in the state, it provides plenty of opportunity in the audio production field!  



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