The very word California, conjures up visions of sunny beaches and surfing. California has the advantage of a favorable climate. Besides being famous for its film and entertainment industry, California is also home to several colleges teaching the arts and sciences connected with entertainment. The courses offered give students opportunities of pursuing career goals amidst well-known figures in their respective fields. These courses are available in many California Art Management Schools in Hollywood, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego, and Sunnyvale amongst others.

Management simply put is using resources and people to attain specific goals. Management comprises thinking, planning, and recruiting the right people, leading, controlling, and bringing the group together to achieve an objective. Resources can be either or all – financial, raw materials and manpower resources. Management can also refer to the person or people who perform the act(s) of management.

Today people with management skills are needed in every field, including art. California Art Management Schools teach one how to apply management principles to a creative business. The success of an arts organization is measured not only by its economic performance, but also by how well it fulfills its goal of furthering the arts. Good Arts managers are those who effectively and efficiently do both. Today’s arts managers should be strategists, financial planners, fundraisers, marketers, educators, personnel specialists, and lobbyists. The California Art Management Schools programs prepare tomorrow’s arts leaders to meet these challenges. The programs provide the professional training necessary for leadership positions. Case studies are also part of the curriculum.

California Art Management Schools and Institutes offer bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, diplomas and certificate programs that specialize in the creative arts. Students receive a practical, focused education that prepares them to begin their careers with on-the-job skills needed in the market.


Advertising Game Programming
Audio Production Graphic Design
Computer Animation Industrial Design
Design Interior Design
Digital Filmmaking & Video Production Media Arts & Animation
Digital Photography Set & Exhibit Design
Fashion Design Visual & Game Programming
Fashion Marketing Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
Fashion Marketing & Management Web Design & Interactive Media
Game Art & Design

California is a popular tourist paradise. California hosts a huge variety of annual events – from wine and art to sculpture, races and some of the best music festivals in the world. There’s an event to suit any interest, thus an opportunity to meet persons from different fields. Waterfront adventures are also popular. California’s winter scene has something for everyone. California’s mixed historic, modern, and revolutionary architecture reflects the state’s diverse history and culture.

Graduates from California Art Management Schools besides being creative have to be well versed in all aspects of production of the chosen medium of expression from creation to release and marketing of their products including the financial aspects.

Society today is growing more dependent on electronics for its entertainment needs. Increasing demands from the television, music and film industry from all over the world has created a huge demand for all professionals Jobs are available as writers, creative directors, and animation experts in films, audio/video production, and television. The gaming industry has a requirement for video game designers. There is also considerable demand for industrial product designers, event organizers. Event managers, are also in great demand The advertising industry presents a great opportunity for creativity as copywriters.

What better place can you think of than a California Art Management School in the Golden State of California, for your education in Art Management ?

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