Brainstorming your next project on the sketch pad, you gaze up momentarily to gather your thoughts. Shielded by the patio umbrella against the sun, you realized it has been weeks since the rain has dampen your afternoon. As the sight-seeing tour bus makes its usual route, you recount the points of interest the tourists will be visiting. Celebrity sighting has its excitement, but the prospect of designing homes and landscapes for Hollywood’s elites is so much more rewarding. You wonder if your new creation will become part of the tour in the not-so-distant future.

This is what it is like to attend architecture classes in California.

Situated by the scenic west coast line and encompassing 400,000+ square kilometre of rich land and unforgiving deserts, the state of California has plenty of natural and man-made beauty to entice the senses.

Fuelled by dreams and aspiration, California is home to some of the world’s most creative minds. On the streets of San Francisco, on the stages of Las Vegas, and in the studios in Los Angeles, expression and appreciation for arts are not limited to the few, but shared by the masses. With the spotlight constantly on its prized residents, one needs to look no further than California to showcase his or her talent to the world.

Whether it is university or college programs, classes in architecture will prepare the students in this competitive and exciting field. Not limited to future architects, bachelor and master programs in the field of architecture offers theoretical background and hands-on experience for civil engineers, drafters, and landscape architects alike. Combining education with knowledge of local area, students who attend classes in California enjoys an competitive edge over its out-of state colleagues when it comes to breaking into this highly rewarding industry.

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