Every state has its own criteria for real estate appraisal licensing. California appraisal courses cover all the information and education that is necessary to meet the requirements for the four different types of licenses through the state. It is important to understand the requirements for each type of license in order to enroll in the appropriate classes and receive proper credit.

Real estate is a big area for people to get into. There are many different ways to get involved other than sales. Becoming an appraiser is one such division that can be considered a building block for the whole market. It is the appraisers who determine the value of a property, which in turn affects the sale amount. Similar to other fields in real estate, an education is required. In order to be licensed by the state, there are minimum requirements that must be met.

A trainee license in California requires some education before an application can be submitted. The trainee must have already attended seven appraisal courses and logged a total of 150 hours. Those hours should also include 15 logged hours in the national Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) course. These educational requirements must have taken place within five years. Trainees must also be under the supervision of a certified appraiser.

The residential appraisal license requires the same amount of education as the trainee license. The difference between the two licenses is the experience required. Applicants must have at least 2000 hours of experience over a 12-month period.

Applicants of a certified residential license must log 200 educational hours in 10 courses, including the USPAP. This license also requires an Associate Degree or 21 credits in a semester from approved courses. An applicant must have 2,500 verifiable experience hours within 30 months.

A certified general license requires 300 logged educational hours in 10 classes, including the USPAP, and a Bachelors Degree or 30 credits in one semester. Over 30 months, applicants must have 3,000 hours of experience, but at least 1,500 of those hours must be non-residential.

The Office of Real Estate Appraisers (OREA) requires specific California appraisal courses. There is a set of appraisal classes, called Required Core Curriculum, that are required, such as Basic Appraisal Principles. Each of these appraisal classes requires a minimum amount of educational hours to qualify for the credit. Subtopic classes are available and typically included within the core curriculum, although they can be taken separately.

Options for enrolling are numerous. There are many different institutions that provide the necessary California appraisal classes. Although there are different choices, it is important to check with each institution to ensure that its particular courses meet the criteria set by the state and OREA, otherwise there is a chance that the courses taken cannot be used to meet licensing requirements.

California appraisal courses exist for two main purposes. First, they provide the necessary education for people who want to become a licensed appraiser. Second, they provide existing appraisers with the ongoing education needed to keep up with a changing market and maintain a license.

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