If you are considering a list of schools and are interested in finding a way into the movie industry, then you should think about California animation colleges. Also known as the Golden State, were better to spend the next four years of your life. Bathed in sunlight all year round and with a relaxed atmosphere there is no better place to learn and grow into your new career.
Not only are the schools impressive but the art scene there is thriving. It’s full of great art galleries and museums, many of which are free to enter. These are ideal places for you to draw information from throughout your education. And don’t forget about the stunning scenery that is all around. From great riversand lakes, to the famous Hollywood hills and some of the best beaches in the world.
Do you dream of working in the movies? Do you love movies such as Shrek, Toy Story and Ice Age? Maybe you are more interested in television work. Some of the most popular tv shows are animated. Think of The Simpsons or Family Guy. If this is the path you want to go in then California animation colleges are the best way to start. Many of the students from these schools go on to work in the tv or the Hollywood movie industry.
There are lot’s of different jobs in the animation field and California schools cover them all. And these are highly sought after positions so check them out as soon as you get the chance.

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