When considering where to pursue ones advanced education, especially in a highly competitive field such as advertising, it is important to consider a number of key factors. Ideally, one would prefer to pick a school in a location that provides the best teachers, excellent job placement services, and ample employment opportunities after graduation.
California fits all of these criteria admirably so it is no surprise that California advertising schools are some of the best known in the country.

Advertising degrees are relatively new because never before has there been the need to specialize so heavily. Success in this industry demands more than just artistic creativity. One must also be able to think logically through business strategies, research and develop campaigns for new products and services, and be adept at the technical applications that are necessary to bring these ideas to life.

Located in bustling centers of commerce such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and San Diego, California’s advertising schools provide the perfect environment to hone the diverse skills needed to compete in the fast paced advertising world.

Core courses like Creative Strategy as well as ad campaign development and creative conceptualization are offered in most advertising schools, and are taught by leaders in the industry who have made their names in some of the most challenging and competitive cities in the country.

Studying advertising and marketing while being immersed in fast-paced world where it is applied is a huge advantage after graduation. The internships offered to students of California’s advertising schools will likely be more challenging and more intense than those offered in schools located in smaller cities farther away from the hub of the industry. Because of this, it is possible to build a prodigious portfolio before even graduating. The chances of garnering big name company experience are far better when those companies are right in your back yard looking for you instead of the other way around.

Additionally, it is important to consider the fact that ad agencies are no longer the only place to find employment after graduating from advertising school. There are many other options for today’s marketing professionals. Start up companies, non-profit organizations and numerous other kinds of small businesses are looking for highly motivated and talented in-house marketers and are constantly head hunting around their geographic location to find them. Imagine going to the career placement office at your advertising school and being presented with a long list of exciting new companies and well known businesses to submit your resume to. It’s a graduate’s dream come true.

Recent reports show that employment for advertising majors is on the rise. Companies are looking at themselves and trying to develop new and different ways to market themselves and their products. This trend leads directly to further use of ad agencies and the creation of in-house marketing budgets that did not exist before. However, the jump in competition for these prime careers makes it imperative to do everything possible to increase the chances of being noticed. Take advantage of the fantastic opportunities California advertising schools give you in this ultra competitive industry.

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