If you are looking for CAD Drafting classes in Florida we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these CAD Drafting classes in FL and search for schools to request information:

ITT Technical Institute – School of Drafting and Design

If you like to draw, are detail-oriented and like to see the results of your work, you could be the kind of student who would feel at home studying computer drafting and design at ITT Technical Institute. The goal of the program is to help the student acquire the skills to enter the workplace as a versatile draftsperson able to make basic design decisions and capable of addressing the challenges of future technological advances in the drafting and design profession. 

CD130 Architectural Drafting I

An introduction to the theory and practice of architectural planning and design.
Fundamental design methods and practices for the creation of architectural drawings are presented, with emphasis on the content of the drawings and the production skills. Topics include the development of floor plans, elevations and perspective projection principles of a single-level building project incorporating material specifications, legal and building code requirements.

CD210 Engineering Graphics I

An introduction to the creation of pictorial, auxiliaries, sections and orthographic working drawings incorporating developments, geometric dimensioning and tolerances as they relate to mechanical topics. The fundamentals of weldments, threads, fasteners, springs, mechanisms and symbol libraries are introduced in this course. Manual drafting and CAD techniques are used in the production of working drawings.

CD310 Civil Drafting and Introduction to GIS

An introduction to site planning, civil engineering, plot plans, contour maps, map profile, highway layout and basic Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Full Sail University

Full Sail University’s online Computer Animation Bachelor’s Degree Program focuses on the practical application of 3D computer graphics for careers in the entertainment media industry, teaching the processes used to develop animated content for games, television, feature films, and more. You’ll learn to master each step of production through a custom-built online platform, where you’ll work under the guidance of industry veterans to master the techniques of professional animator. 

CGA 221 2D Animation

The 2D Animation Course develops students’ appreciation of the technique and craft involved in handdrawn 2D animation, and promotes the understanding and successful application of the fundamental principles of traditional animation. Using pencil and paper to explore this art form, students are physically responsible for controlling and manipulating a subject’s volume, weight, proportion, acting, and movement, thus gaining a more thorough understanding of the animation process. This foundation of traditional animation broadens students’ skills as computer animators and enhances their creative ability.

CGA 251 Art Creation For Games

The Art Creation for Games Course provides students with a strong knowledge of the way real time 3D content is modeled and textured. Students develop gaming models of simple and complex props, foliage, and various game environments. Special attention will be paid to the creation of clean and optimized models for use in games.

CGA 342 Character Design and Creation

The Character Design and Creation Course builds upon the skills learned in the Model Creation and Shading & Lighting courses by applying knowledge to 3D characters. Students begin with preproduction of a character, developing concept art and character sheets. Students complete a fully textured organic 3D model for possible use in film or highresolution game technology.

Digital Media Arts College

The BFA program in Animation focuses on the preparation of the artist to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s production workplace. Through a strong foundation in traditional visual and performance arts, students develop their digital content creation skills within a classical framework. During this program students study foundation art skills including illustration, painting, photography, sculpture and filmmaking, as the prerequisites to an equally diversified animation core curriculum.

CG 4060 Advanced Visual Effects

This course features advanced scripting utilizing MEL (Maya Embedded Language) primarily for use with particles, dynamics, and expressions. This course contains a lab component.

FA 1010 Basic Drawing

An introduction to the fundamentals of drawing, this course equips the student with a variety of basic skills, approaches and concepts explored through a comprehensive range of media. Orthographic views and perspective are explored.

FA 2000 Figure Drawing II

This course explores drawing the live human figure nude and clothed as it determines our understanding of subject, theme, composition and meaning. Attention is paid to facial details and expressiveness of the figure and personality. This course contains a lab and studio component.

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