If you are looking for CAD Drafting classes in California we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these CAD Drafting classes in CA and search for schools to request information:

ITT Technical Institute – School of Drafting and Design

The goal of the Computer Drafting and Design program is to help the student acquire the skills to enter the workplace as a versatile draftsperson able to make basic design decisions and capable of addressing the challenges of future technological advances in the drafting and design profession.

CD121 Drafting/CAD Methods

An application of graphic communications and its practices to practical experience in the use of drafting tools and CAD equipment. Hands-on projects include geometric construction, various projections, sections, auxiliaries, dimensioning, sketching, detail drawing and lettering that is practiced and applied using both manual drafting and CAD procedures. Maintenance of CAD drawing files through the use of operating system commands is applied and stressed.

CD250 Engineering Graphics II

An introduction to the layout, design and drafting of mechanisms and machines using shafts, gears, fasteners, bushings, bearings and couplings. Students will be introduced to the techniques necessary to complete solid models of appropriate assembly drawings.

CD331 Design and Drafting Capstone Project

An introduction to the theory and practical development, planning, management and presentation of a drafting project from start to finish. Topics include techniques of project planning, project design and execution, documentation and presentation. Students are required to apply project management techniques to a Capstone Project.

Brooks Institute

Computers didn’t just replace the typewriter; they replaced the pencil too. This graphic design course reveals the computer as a mechanical illustration tool. Students in graphic design courses have the opportunity to create logos, charts and electronic illustrations with vector-based graphic and ancillary software programs. Electronic prepress requirements will be emphasized, including intermediate concepts for dimensional graphics as they relate to prepress considerations. This graphic design course is designed to prepare students for work in traditional print-based media and electronic media.

DGN311 Packaging & 3D Design 1

Students will explore the creation of design outside the limitations of 2-dimensional space. This course builds on students’ basic understanding of volume and structure. Students will be expected to construct 3-dimensional forms and explore the effects of color and texture on those forms. This course covers a wide variety of projects that may include package design, environmental graphics, way finding systems and product design. This course builds on the concept of collaboration and design “teams” where students work together to push creative boundaries.

DGN220 Web Design 1

Digital Video and Audio or PJN240 Photojournalism 1 This course introduces students to the fundamentals of website design. Students will construct websites using WYSIWYG editors and basic HTML. Development of logical and efficient site structures will be covered. This course should expand students’ understanding of design through introduction to concepts of successful human interface design. The course will cover the importation and use of a variety of graphic file formats and the proper use of color for the web. Successful utilization of typography on a website will be covered as well as introductions to XML, CSS, and JavaScript.

MED432 Advanced Web Design

This course introduces the use of non-HTML web editing software such as Macromedia’s Flash. Integration of non-HTML graphics to HTML based web designs will be covered. Construction of fully featured non-HTML sites is required and may include the use of type, still images, QTVR, video, animation, sound, and scripting. Depending on the assignment, students will use a combination of HTML, WYSIWYG and non-HTML image editing programs to construct web site designs. Course participants create a finished, on-line, operative site that may include photography, film or video, artwork, and design concepts.

Academy of Art University

As one of the nation’s top CAD Drafting schools, we offer specialized CAD Drafting career training unlike any other art school. Whatever your passion is, we offer the courses you need and the professional instructors to guide you. We offer undergraduate and graduate CAD Drafting degree programs, online classes, and continuing education.

ILL 120: Clothed Figure Drawing 1

Students learn skills and tools that enable them to draw the clothed figure in any action or stances. Topics of study include physical flexibility in drawing, essential relationships of the body, ways to achieve three-dimensional form, proportion, foreshortening, and the construction and use of folds.

ILL 233: Digital Media 2: Illustrative Imaging

This class gives students knowledge and experience in the application of traditional illustration to digital media, using primarily Adobe Photoshopand Corel Painter. Concept development and personal style will be the main emphasis. Critiques will consider composition, lighting, content, meaning and other criteria.

ILL 238: Digital Drawing The Fantastic Figure

This is a course on constructive drawing which focuses on comics and sequential art. The course will include, but not be limited to, the language of construction and of visual solids. Students will learn to convey character, authority, and consistency in the mediums of comic books, storyboards, thumbnails, and concept art.

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