People who obtain a CAD certificate and are proficient in the use of computer-aided design software can take their skills into various businesses and industries. For those who wish to pursue a career in creating designs using computer software, there are various certificate programs today. These programs may either be taken online or at traditional schools.

What are CAD Certificate Programs?

There are no diploma programs offered for CAD, but there are several certificate programs that can be obtained in a short span of time. The duration of study may vary depending on the institution offering the program. Students are taught to produce quality drawings in different fields. For convenience, students can take classes online, but they have to purchase their own software and use their own resources.

The programs are designed to teach students how to focus on accuracy, clarity and completeness of plans and drawings. They are exposed to the practice of drawing either virtual or real objects. Unlike manual drawings, CAD can produce details in dimension, tolerance, material, texture, and chemical properties.

CAD certificate programs provide skills that can be used in industries including aerospace, automotive, architecture, ship building, and many others. CAD is also the reason for those amazing 3D objects in films. Computer-aided design is also a growing in popularity in other professions and industries.


Most CAD certificate programs may not require any other educational attainment, except for high school diplomas. However, some schools prefer to take in students who are already working in the field of drafting. In other instances, computer-aided design is taken as part of the curriculum of higher degree programs such as bachelor degrees in architecture, engineering, or fine arts.


The classes are done in laboratory environments and in lectures. Classes usually make use of computer software, especially when the subjects focus on specialty features of computer-aided design. Some of the common subjects to be taken during the entire duration of the program include 3D modeling, CAD management, design visualization, parametric modeling, and technical drawing.

Employment Opportunities after Graduation:

The growth in CAD-related jobs is rather slow than other specific careers like architecture and engineering, but there is still a good chance to find jobs both locally and internationally. International opportunities are the most likely sources of career growth. However, drafters can find work online as well. With the growing trend in online job opportunities, CAD experts can get additional sources of income from online clients. The estimated income for drafters is $45,000 to $60,000 a year.

Continuing Education:

After obtaining a CAD certificate program, graduates can then get an AutoCAD certification, the only type of certification provided in this field. Certification can be obtained online through Autodesk Online Testing Center. The fee paid for the exams may be reimbursed by your employer depending on the terms and conditions you agreed upon during the acceptance of work responsibilities.

Computer-aided design usually takes 2 years to finish in some schools. However, other colleges may provide a crash course to those who are already in the drafting field. A CAD certificate can also lead to acceptance in higher education programs in fine arts, architecture, and others.


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