Interested in a career in CAD?  If you have an eye and an interest in designing product models and building models, then a career in CAD may be perfect for you.  CAD, or computer animated design and drafting, employs the use of computer animation to design and draft products such as toys, spacecraft, and industrial machinery and structures, such as houses, office buildings, and oil pipelines.

To jumpstart a career in CAD, it is necessary to complete formal training, such as obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or a certificate in AutoCAD design.  CAD programs usually incorporate education in drafting, 2-d and 3-d design, orbiting, mapping, engineering, and architecture.  There are various vocational schools and technical colleges that offer CAD programs.  It is important to research what specialty you are truly interested in, because various schools may be strong in a certain area of CAD, and not the area that you are interested in.  There are mechanical drafters, aeronautical drafters, civil and electrical drafters, pipeline drafters, etc.  Different programs focus on a select specialty, which is why it is very important to know what specialty of CAD you are interested in before selecting a school.  When conducting research, learn as much as you can about the focus of their CAD program, and what jobs do their alumni usually enter into.

A person armed with a degree in CAD can expect to find employment among a variety of jobs.  They can use their technical and creative skill to design products, design prototypes,  and build digital models.  Many CAD technicians design models for engineers, architects, and other clients.  CAD graduates can also gain employment in the film and entertainment industry by working as special effects artists,  motion or game design animators, and creating artificial props.  A CAD graduate can also be prepared for a career as an interior designer, architectural and construction drafter, or civil drafter.  The possibilities are wide and varied with a CAD degree or certificate.

The career outlook for CAD technicians is average.  Growth in this industry is dependent on an expanding economy and an increase in consumer demand for improved products.   The projected growth is about 6 %.  Growth is expected to be the greatest for mechanical, architectural, and civil drafters.  But, don’t let that deter you from another type of CAD specialty.  Demand varies by location.  The average salary for a CAD technician is around $41,000. 

If you are interested in a CAD career, then you are preparing yourself for an interesting career that will stimulate your intellect and creativity.  Job satisfaction will be high, because you will know that your designs helped to create various products or buildings that help to improve and increase the quality of life for many people.  The possibilities are numerous with a CAD degree or certificate.  Start now by determining what specialty you want to focus on, and find a program that caters to your interests.   Whether it’s mechanical, electrical, architectural, civil, electronics, or aeronautical, there are programs designed to fit your needs.  Preparing for a CAD career is a step towards a bright and rewarding future.

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