Painting an exciting new design.

Confused about your career? Explode in the career scene with visual effects! Graphic Design is the hottest new career.

Big time universities, SAT’s, college admissions—whether today’s kid in America faces the pressure of an Ivy League Alma Mater or dreams of being their family’s first college student, the options are overwhelming. With hundreds of different schools and dozens of different programs, options for future careers are as varied as the applicants. Yet amidst all the bustle of the big city, one college maintains a quaint dignity.

Set in Nassau County, New York, the hamlet of Bethpage boasts to be both “The Home of New York’s Best Tasting Drinking Water” and Briarcliffe College. Students may opt for any number of traditional education programs, but one of the fastest growing and most exciting careers being chosen today is work in Graphic Design.

In the new technological information age of society, visual effects are playing an increasingly crucial part of commerce, advertising, and marketing. Without eye-catching displays, companies can’t capitalize on consumer’s attention—an asset that grows more competitive every day. At the Graphic Design school at Bethpage’s Briarcliffe College, student’s receive practical, hands-on training for opportunities in 3-D modeling, magazine advertising, and web design. They learn to broaden both their minds and portfolios in a college with the low class sizes that are so essential to sustain real creative growth. Professors give frequent one-on-one time with students and work to help guide the student towards the career path that’s right for them. The media saturation in today’s world makes clear that whatever’s being sold can never be much more important than how it looks, and Briarcliffe College gives student the chance to be part of that driving force.

But while students plan a possible high-flying advertising career in the glamorous New York City, they’ll be able to relax in one of New York state’s warm small towns in the heart of the state. With a population just over sixteen and a half thousand, Bethpage provides a perfect balance between rural peace and urban convenience. They may not be home to the New York Jets, but the legendary Wantagh Warriors are the small town’s ambassador and once boasted a sixty game unbeaten streak between 1989 and 2004. Prospective students will find a great mix; all the hometown comforts, and a day-trip to New York just an afternoon’s drive away. Being the graphic visionaries of tomorrow may require a touch of down-to-earth inspiration, after all.

Study after study shows that if the advertiser can’t immediately capture the attention of the consumer, they’ll lose interest in a hurry. Graphic Design isn’t just a job that stays static from generation to generation. It’s a vibrant career that may totally evolve in less than a decade. As technological challenges change, students will have to keep up—techniques, practices, and attitudes that were once cutting edge two years ago can become obsolete just as quickly. A vibrant and yet peaceful little town, Bethpage provides the perfect environment to get all the bustle without the big-city fuss; students investing in their education at Briarcliffe college don’t just get a degree, they get opportunity.

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