Bethpage Promotes the Art of Multimedia

The schools within the Bethpage community recognize the opportunity technology offers its youth and specifically promotes the art of multimedia.

Young students of Bethpage, New York interested in pursuing the arts might find themselves considering web schools and degrees that concentrate on one or more of the many facets of today’s multimedia rather than putting paint brush to canvas.   

While it is obvious that the Web relies heavily on multimedia with its graphics, animation, videos and audio, those trying to identify how else they can apply their creativity in the real world are happy to learn that even the fine arts and commercial arts embrace multimedia.  Just because it takes a computer does not mean the final product will end up be presented via a computer.  And thanks to the community of Bethpage, these children that are quickly establishing an interest in multimedia have the start of their future right at their fingertips.

Bethpage is located within the Town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County, New York along the southern shore of Long Island.  The Bethpage Union Free School District serves the community and consists of three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.  These schools provide their students with a solid state of the art infrastructure, numerous technology labs, thousands of computers, and advanced programs that prepare young minds for technology based careers, including multimedia based careers.  Specifically there is the Advanced Diploma in New Media that is offered to Bethpage High School students.  The associated courses form schools within the school; one might consider these programs to be web schools themselves.   They focus on areas of multimedia that include computer-assisted design, Web design, computer graphics, multimedia design, and digital photography.  They provide students with a detailed introduction to skill sets that can be expanded on by attending online web schools or even traditional colleges or universities, such as Briarcliffe College.

Briarcliffe College is also located in Bethpage and specifically offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design.  The program courses surround multimedia design and provide its students with the opportunity to investigate their career choices and establish their portfolios.  Students will find that multimedia techniques can be applied to advertising, commercial illustration, magazine and book illustration, corporate marketing and much more.   The College strives to provide the knowledge, tools and opportunities that can lead to a successful career.

In the past, budding young artists dreaming of a career in the arts might have elected more traditional paths outside of the realm of the arts, downgrading their artistic interests to a mere hobby.  Others may have held their head up high as they entered the world of the “starving artist.”  But the artistic youth of the Bethpage community are among the fortunate.  Their early education consists of academics that are infused with viable multimedia technology that can be applied to the twenty first century arts.  By continuing their specialized education through courses offered by today’s web schools and traditional institutes of learning, such as Briarcliffe College, the youth of Bethpage can mold their visions and abilities into profitable careers that are certain to provide both personal and monetary rewards.


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