Bethpage, a hamlet of Nassau County, New York located on Long Island has a great advantage of having three top colleges in their vicinity.  For prospective students living in the area there is no need to travel further than their immediate location in order to further their studies.

As I have a particular interest in interior design I have taken note of the training programs in this field at Bethpage interior design schools.  There is a rising demand in most countries of the world for professional interior designers who have the ability to create beautiful livable interiors incorporating the modern trends in fashionable living.

The programs at Bethpage Interior Design schools offer various aspects of interior designing.  You will be taught among others, interior design which embraces home furnishing – color and design, lighting and fabrics and textiles.  Art interpretation, architectural graphics and drawings and concepts on interior design will all be part of your curriculum.

Interior design is a wonderful career for anyone who has a flair for interpreting the arts. You are not just working with one form of art, but many.  You are putting many forms of art together to design an interior of a residential home or community facility to make it a place of beauty and tranquility.

Interior design has so many facets – it is not just a case of decorating a particular room to look good.  It is the blending of the design of furniture, fabrics and textiles of soft furnishing, choice of color scheme, floor coverings and the lighting that makes up the whole picture.  Each facet contributes to the finished design and one has to compliment the other.

You might not want to concentrate on residential interior planning, but at the   Bethpage interior design schools you can specialize in bathroom and kitchen designs or the designing of furniture and textiles and fabrics.  Lighting is a very specialized field as well, if this is not done correctly the whole effect of the interior decorating could get lost. 

Why would anyone want to study interior design?  The answer is simply that it is an enthralling career for those who can visualize art in our everyday environment.  The fact that there is a wide selection of job opportunities for the graduates that have proved themselves to be above average in the presentation of their work is also a contributing factor.

Once you have qualified as a professional interior designer, apply for a job with a reputable interior designing company.  By working with other professionals you will gain invaluable experience.  This will also give you the opportunity to put your skills into practice.  Once you have begun to make a name for your self you can think about starting up your own business.

This is an exciting career as you will not just be sitting at the drawing board all day, but you will be traveling to locations to access what has to be done and you will be spending many interesting hours sourcing the furnishings, fabrics and artifacts to decorate the interior of the home you are commissioned to decorate. 

You might have to travel away from your home environment in order to source the precise piece of artwork or fabric that you wish to incorporate into a design.  This is the type of career that does not allow for boredom.  Each new commission will be a challenge and another wrung up the ladder of success for you.  Once you get well know for the excellent work you do there will be no stopping your career from going from strength to strength


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