While computer-aided design and graphic libraries have become part of our everyday world, the demand for hand drawn illustrations has surprisingly mushroomed over the last several years.  Schools that focus on teach graphic artists how to render scientific illustrations, fashion illustrations and freehand figure drawings find that their students are always in demand.

Some of the best illustration schools are located in the northeast, and the State of New York is famous for the quality of its graphic artists.  Notable within the state are the illustration schools located in Bethpage New York.  Bethpage illustration schools include some of the most prestigious graphic arts institutions in the World including the Bethpage Art Institute.    

Bethpage is a small, upscale Town famous for its water, the Grumman plant that produced the Apollo Lunar Modules (LEM’s) and its illustration schools.  The Town of Bethpage was first influenced, pre-Civil War, by the arrival of the Quakers and the Methodist Church.  Since then Bethpage has developed into a strong, social community with a rich history.  Many individuals who currently live in Bethpage, which is located on Long Island about 30 miles from Manhattan’s Central Park, remain in close touch with their religious roots. 

Like many of the schools located in Bethpage the Illustration schools have provided a particularly high quality of education that has prepared its students for careers in graphics design.  Of the five (5) Bethpage illustration schools currently in operation, three (3) of them were established before 1950.  The schools are small, with as few as 50 full-time graphic art students, to one of the largest schools in the Country with 185 full-time graphic art students.    

Courses offered by Bethpage Illustration schools generally include coursework in; design studies, digital design, illustration, graphic design, advanced graphic design, visual arts, visual communications, design management, design and technical graphics and design technology.  While the focus of Bethpage school’s is graphic arts, language and art courses are required in English, French, German and Italian.  Students typically complete all school requirements in less than 12 years.  

Many graphic arts / illustration schools teach their students basic graphic arts skills, Bethpage illustration schools are, however, known for their advanced courses in art history that provides artists with knowledge of the classical and post-modern masters.  Illustration schools in Bethpage are also different because they mandate training in a wide range of styles and media.  Traditional training using black ink pens, charcoals, watercolors, oils and advanced digital tablets is required for all graphic arts student taught at the schools.

Graduates of Bethpage’s Illustration schools have secure well-paid positions as ad designers, graphic designers and computer artists with major corporations.  Bethpage illustration school graduates have also gone on to become successful freelance graphic artists, famous magazine illustrators, cartoonists and commercial artists.

If you are considering a career in the graphic arts, we invite you to visit our website at http://www.bethpagegraphicarts.com or to request a brochure or catalog via e-mail at academics@ bethpagegraphicarts.com that will provide you with additional information on Bethpage schools that can be delivered by mail.   


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