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Do the sounds of music fill your soul with a kind of passion and energy? Do musical tunes cause goose bumps in you? Do mellifluous notes simply transport you to another world and make you lose track of yourself?

If the answer is yes, you no longer need to lapse into a world of music only as a passing fantasy. Get into an Audio Production School! With a program from a leading school, you can have the rare privilege of making a career of what you love. You can make a sound career in sounds.

Bethpage audio production schools are some of the country’s best known. They are located in Bethpage, New York. One of Bethpage’s prime colleges is Briarcliffe College, which offers a range of programs in Audio and Visual Communication Technology. 

Why Bethpage?
The answer to this is simple. Bethpage audio production schools are New York’s pride, and are home to premium audio production schools. Bethpage audio production schools give you more than a few genuine reasons for taking up a course here. Bethpage has been a nerve center for student and academic activities for four decades now. A course in Audio Production familiarizes you with the brass tacks of audio production, while also giving you the requisite qualification that is the stepping stone to a rewarding career. And, rewarding this career certainly is, considering that the Bureau of Labor Statistics considers Audio Production a field that is set to grow till at least 2014, even in these bleak times.

With its geographical proximity to the world’s financial hub, New York, Bethpage audio production schools are within whispering distance of some leading names in the audio industry. This connection is not just physical. Many of its students are absorbed by these audio production companies, and are well settled there. Yet, New York is not the only place in which Bethpage audio production schools’ students pursue successful careers. The colleges’ fame reaches out to all important places where audio production can be a lucrative and emotionally rewarding career. Music publishers, sound-installation firms, record companies and the like from across the country and away vie with one another to recruit students from this school!

You could work for these companies as any of these –a sound technician, audio recorder, radio producer, audio editor, promoter or audio mixer. An audio production professional with a certificate from any of the premier Bethpage audio production schools starts with a career pay scale that ranges between $20,000 and $40,000. Some top-notch, experienced professionals make upwards of $75,000 annually.

What makes Bethpage audio production schools’ students so successful in the industry? These schools offer one of the best-designed courses in the industry; its curriculum is contemporary, flexible and practical. Classroom theory sits comfortably with the happenings-on in the industry. All the equipment and gadgets that professionals work on –digital audio equipment, audio software and analog technology, are already employed in the school, preparing the students for the realities of the corporate world.

Information technology; applied acoustics; audio specialization; audio equipment operation; electronics and communication are part of the syllabus in this school. Familiarization with all these fields gives the students a head-start in the industry’s various areas such as theater, film, television or even business management. These are indeed a far cry from the days not long ago, when you were required to enroll in elitist, ultra expensive art schools to get a foothold into the industry! 
Bethpage audio production schools have a loveable ambience. The campuses are located at arm’s length from one of the world’s largest cities. Yet, this tiny hamlet of no more than a few thousand inhabitants is the ideal retreat for those who want to be immersed in study. It is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city of over eight million denizens.

Which could be a better place of study, where all this quietness in the college environs sits with that inside? Most of Bethpage audio production schools’ classrooms are very sparsely populated, which means their students get the best attention they need and deserve. This is because it is driven by a core commitment –that of maximizing human potential. This is where the best reason to study here lies. Once you are here, you will see how hospitable, warm and forthcoming the teaching staff is.

Although located in a hermitage-like ambience of Nassau County, Bethpage is where a Fortune 500 company, Cablevision Systems Corporation, is located. So, get ready for a long, successful and worthwhile stint in the world of sounds!
School Information
Main Campus Location
1055 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY 11714, USA
Ph: 888-348-4999


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