Just 45 minutes from Manhattan and located in the middle of Long Island, Briarcliffe College is a school for graphic designers and animators that offers quality education from industry professionals on a reasonable budget.

Cartoons, video games, and flash animations are all art forms with huge followings. They are capable of entertaining millions of people around the world each day, and they are also part of several closely linked multi million dollar industries that can generate jobs and revenue, even in trying economic times. It is a difficult industry to break into, but for those that want to stake their claim in the animation arena, there is a great way to learn the tricks of the trade on a reasonable budget. One of three locations for Briarcliffe College provides all the tools necessary for successful ventures into the visual arts industry, and it is located just 45 minutes from Manhattan in a New York town called Bethpage.

Briarcliffe College is a New York university with three locations, including the one in Bethpage. The Bethpage location offers degree programs in Accounting, Business Administration, Criminial Justice, Digital Photography, and Information Technology, but the program that is most intriguing is their program for Graphic Design. The school offers both an Associate of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, each of which includes training in skills concentrated on print media, multimedia, and web design. These degrees also include studying animation and game design, and all of these areas can offer training in marketable skills.

Both degrees include important real-world, hands-on educations in these skills, focusing attention on building portfolios as instructors combine valuable learning experience with hands-on projects. With professionals from the industry leading students in this hands-on training, there is no doubt that this experience is invaluable. Combined with experience with state-of-the-art equipment and motion capture classes that are regarded as unique to the college, Briarcliffe’s Bethpage location becomes an attractive choice of schools for aspiring game makers and animators. The entire graphic design program helps these aspiring creators develop skills in communication, conceptualization, and production that will help them reach their goals.

Graduates of the Briarcliffe graphic design program can go on to pursue careers as freelance designers and animators as well as web designers, animation technicians, visual communication designers, and design managers and assistant managers. With the staggering amount of unique and focused education in these areas offered by the professionals at the Bethpage location, it is no surprise that graduates of this program are able to excel in their respective fields. The career services office of Briarcliffe helps graduates even further with their dedicated efforts to place alumni in jobs in their chosen fields after they graduate.

New York is known for many things, and while it is certain that animation schools are not the first thing that comes to mind for most people, the institution in Bethpage is worth checking out. Two different degree programs and a great deal of customizable instruction and education (including online instruction for many classes, including general education courses) make Briarcliffe College a prime choice for those aspiring to express their creativity and make money doing so. Anyone thinking about turning their passion for art and design into a career should definitely check out the Briarcliffe College at Bethpage.


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