With total advertising spending in the United States alone due to pass $265 billion in 2011, a career in advertising is both economically attractive and intellectually stimulating. Students interested in advertising want to combine a great degree with a memorable experience while they study. Bethpage advertising schools provide programs that comprehensively cover all the different aspects of the exciting and lucrative advertising world in a beautiful central location in Long Island, New York.

The field of advertising requires numerous different skills, and offers many varied career paths. The programs at Bethpage advertising schools are multifaceted, allowing students to understand and then specialize in the many different aspects of the advertising business. Those students who are interested in the creative aspect of advertising can learn about the art of creating compelling copywriting, or discover how visually striking print campaigns are carefully constructed. The increasing importance and growth of web advertising will also be addressed, with instruction and insight into the unique demands and methods the web requires from advertisers.

Other students may be more interested in the business decisions that lie behind the marketing campaigns. For them, there will be courses laying out the fundamentals behind identifying target markets and the application of good market research practice. There will also be the chance to find out more about the nature of the sales process itself, with courses that illustrate the path of product development and how pricing strategies are arrived at. The programs supplied by Bethpage advertising schools provide its students with a firm foundation in both the creative processes and the tough business decisions required to produce successful advertising campaigns.

Studying at Bethpage advertising schools open up a number of career options for a student after graduation. Those graduates who have focused on the business elements of the advertising program may find themselves interested in openings available in marketing and sales, as well as executive positions in advertising agencies and media corporations. Those who have concentrated on the creative aspects of advertising can find opportunities to contribute to the design of innovative print and web advertising campaigns, provide local and national businesses with quality copywriting skills, or engage with the media for public relations departments.

Added to all this is the chance to live and study in the historic city of Bethpage itself, plus all that Long Island has to offer its residents, from the beautiful sandy beaches of Long Island Sound on its northern shore, to the Atlantic Ocean lapping against its southern shore. There is the electric atmosphere when the world’s best golfers come to visit Bethpage’s golf course for the US Open. The quick trip into New York City itself offers some of the best sightseeing, dining, arts, and entertainment the world has to offer.

For those who are interested in pursuing a career in advertising, Bethpage advertising schools offer a combination of a fascinating and varied subject to study, with exciting and lucrative career options after graduation, in a fantastic location with plenty to offer for everyone, and are well worth investigating.

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