Some people interested in entering the field of visual communications scoff at the idea of educating themselves at a formal college. What, they may ask, can visual communications colleges do for them that they can?t do for themselves? While it?s true that many of the fundamentals of visual communications, such as illustration, graphics, and digital photo manipulation are tasks at which many people are already adept, there are depths to each of these skill areas that the amateur might not even be aware of. Visual communications colleges are not simply places to learn completely new concepts, but places in which you can pick up ways to more efficiently use technology that you already know to create aesthetically pleasing products.

Another argument in favor of visual communications colleges is the way that they will expose you to the most up-to-date technology. Think of how many possible creative applications there are out there that allow you to compose digital images, for example. And then consider how many versions of each. Which ones are the best, the most widely used, and the most impressive on your resume? Visual communications colleges will focus only on the best and the newest techniques and applications so that you emerge as a viable job prospect.

In addition, visual communications colleges will be able to teach you skills that bring all of these various components together. You will learn about composition, typography, and other details of creating a strong and cohesive image. Indeed, as places to improve your existing skills, learn new ones, and gain invaluable experience, visual communications colleges are good investments for anyone with an interest in a career in media.

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