Utah is a beautiful state, filled with many wide-open wild areas and breathtaking mountains and deserts. The topography makes this state a perfect place for ski resorts, and the beauty of the region has attracted photographers and film makers from all over the globe. The region is not entirely wilderness, however. There are also very large cities in the state, such as Salt Lake City, where large corporations, industrial parks, and medical and educational institutions hire skilled and certified technicians. Jobseekers who are not adverse to extreme temperatures and are willing to commute will enjoy the area most, but since the geography and climate varies throughout the state, it is likely that anyone could enjoy living and working in Utah.

One of the more specialized career fields available in Utah is that of a certified solar energy consultant. Solar energy is very popular in the western states. On the other hand, many students seeking certificates in Utah study film, wildlife and environmental sciences, construction, hospitality, business, paralegal studies, and healthcare administration at Utah technical schools. Employment rates are very high within the state, which boasts an unemployment rate under six percent. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, as many as 123,000 people worked in the leisure and hospitality industry in 2012, while more than 162,000 people worked in the education and healthcare services fields. The transportation and utilities industry is the state?s largest employer, with over 235,000 residents working in these fields.

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