The state of Tennessee is located in the south-eastern portion of the U.S. Its largest city is Memphis, and its capital located in Nashville. The state experiences four distinct seasons and all types of weather, and its western border is formed by the Mississippi River. Music is an important part of Tennessee?s culture. Nashville is famously known as the home of country music, and has many recording studios and performing venues. Memphis was the home of Elvis Presley, and is acknowledged as one of the homes of the blues. These cities thrive on the tourism, entertainment, and hospitality industries. The cost of living in Tennessee ranges from 5 to 20 points lower than the national average.

Some of the state?s major industries include agriculture, electrical power, and tourism. Tennessee technical schools offer programs that prepare students for jobs in each of those fields. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports careers as power plant operators can provide higher than average annual salaries, though job opportunities can be highly competitive. Training is crucial to enter these skilled job markets. Consider enrolling in one of the many Tennessee technical schools to begin the path to a new career.

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