A technology management school curriculum usually concentrates around learning the basics of computing and how to use these skills in various secular applications. A student who is working toward a technology management certificate may only be required to learn how to use technology in courses such as managing operations or entrepreneurship. Students who receive a certificate in technology management are often working toward a degree in a business or scientific field, so the bulk of their studies relates to their chosen major. Students who are pursuing a degree in technology management, though, are generally required to take technology-focused classes such as systems requirements and project management for IT professionals.

Completing a technology management training course at an accredited institution may make it easier for a student to land a job after graduation. Accreditation gives a college or university credibility and proves that its students have received training that prepares them to compete against and work with other technology professionals. Since technology management is so closely related to other industries, graduates of this program are able to find work in several employment sectors, including computing, engineering, finance, and business. Some course graduates may find work as engineering managers, computer information systems managers, or architectural managers.

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