The classes students can expect to take at a software technologies school vary according to the type of program and the institution. An information technology software diploma program, for example, may include classes that cover software development, in addition to other business skills such as, accounting and technical support. However, if a student wants to obtain a degree in software technologies, he or she may have to study specialized courses such as database management, Java, advanced SQL, and web programming. Some colleges and universities may also incorporate computing certification programs into the curriculum, offering certification in major software programs and systems. Students who take software technologies classes typically do their coursework at individual computer terminals.

Accredited schools that provide software technologies programs can give students an advantage when they are looking for employment after graduation. A degree or certificate from an accredited institution helps a graduate make a good impression on a potential employer, demonstrating that the applicant has received software technologies training at a competitive school. Students who complete a software technologies certificate or degree may find work as computer support specialists, help desk operators, and administrative assistants. Some students who complete a higher degree in software technologies and earn web-based certifications during their studies may go on to work as network administrators or software developers.

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