A student who undertakes coursework at a software development school can expect to spend a large portion of time learning about computer programming languages such as C++ and Java. Along with programming, students also receive instruction about creating and maintaining computer code using open source technology. Some applicants may take specialized classes that cover creating software for use on the Internet or on mobile devices. Learning how to create software for multiple platforms helps students adapt their skills to any virtual environment, which can help them find work in many industries. Much of the learning in these classes takes place in a computer lab ? a classroom equipped with a computer terminal for each student.

Software developers who successfully complete their training at an accredited software development school may secure employment for large software manufacturers. These companies are often searching for Software Development Engineers, who may be used to create computer programs or applications for well-known brands. In addition to creating software, these graduates may also find work maintaining existing network applications for business or scientific organizations. Since software development is a rapidly growing industry that is becoming increasingly important in established sectors, students who can present a certificate or degree from an accredited school can typically find work in their chosen profession.

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