Students who attend robotics classes are expected to take several courses, including mechanical engineering and robotics technologies. Once students decide on the specific fields they want to pursue, they will usually have to take specialized robotics courses that include textbook education and hands-on learning. A textbook understanding provides a foundation for engineering principles, and hands-on training helps students use what they learn in an environment that simulates a real world job. While some robotics training programs are open to individuals who complete a high school diploma or GED, others may require specific course prerequisites, such as engineering or applied math.

Attending an accredited robotics school is an essential part of finding a job in the robotics field after graduation. A diploma or a degree from an accredited robotics school can make it easier for a graduate to find reliable employment. Graduates who complete robotics courses can find work as computer information scientists, aerospace engineers, and mechanical engineers. Since both the aerospace engineering industry and the mechanical engineering industry are experiencing slower than average job growth, graduates who enter these fields may have difficulty finding a job after school. Computer scientists, however, are in demand and may be able to secure a job right away.

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