Although it’s difficult to define what constitutes the best performing arts schools, some of the determining factors must be that the school provides the finest possible education for dancers, actors, and musicians. The school should always make the effort to attract gifted young performers to their program, no matter what their background or financial situation may be. The school should strive for diversity and should be inclusive so that all students can enroll in the programs of their choice. What ultimately defines the best performing arts programs is individuality, and what’s best for each student.

The schools with the top performing arts programs have low student-teacher ratios so that the faculty can focus on learning the strengths and weaknesses of each student and help them to excel. The location of schools with top performing arts programs can have an impact on students. Cities including Boston and New York are multi-cultural, with many diverse neighborhoods, giving students the opportunity to be part of an ethnic community and meet people from a variety of different backgrounds and participate in arts programs outside the classroom.

Many of the better specialty schools with performing arts programs are in urban settings, and attract students from all over the country. Several have strong liberal arts programs. Since the schools usually enroll fewer students than larger colleges and universities, students can be taught in ways that aren’t possible in colleges with large student bodies. Although many schools don’t have fraternities or sororities, they offer students hands-on experience to prepare them for their careers. This may include working on theatrical or musical productions.

A good performing arts school should have diverse programs with small classes. They may offer degrees such as Music Business, which gives students a background in sound production, music theory, and music history, in addition to copyright  and media law. Music Performance is another good choice for students who want to teach music privately. Performing arts is a big field that encompasses music, dance, and theater. Some of the top schools offer degrees in Stage Management, Arts Administration, or Artist Services, so students have an array of options to choose from.

Among alumni that have graduated from some of the best known schools for performing arts are notable actors, producers, singers, and dancers. The faculty in the finest performing arts programs should work together to foster a positive environment for students and help them to grow not only in an artistic sense, but on a personal level so that they’re prepared for the demanding careers they’re studying for. The faculty of the best arts schools is dedicated to their students and have the experience to recognize the students who are the most serious and motivated.

A number of internship opportunities are available for arts students throughout the country. Internship experience can be invaluable to students when they’ve completed their education. Employment is often easier for students to find upon graduation when they’ve participated in an internship program. Private grants and scholarships are available to performing arts students who demonstrate leadership skills, potential to excel, and exceptional talent. Scholarships are available for students who plan to enroll in theater arts or music programs and demonstrate financial need.


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