The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is located in the north-eastern portion of the United States, bordering the Great Lakes region. Lake Erie is located to the northwest of the state, and its largest cities are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The state’s population density is fairly high, owing to its several large cities. The population density is much lower in the central part of the state near the Appalachian Mountains. The cost of living, as compared to the national average, is five to ten points higher in the metropolitan areas, and can be up to five points lower in the less populated towns. The cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offer many cultural and historical attractions.

Pennsylvania technical schools offer accredited programs that can qualify graduates for jobs within the manufacturing and healthcare service industries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for nurses and medical transcriptionists continue to rise, and careers within various mechanical and manufacturing industries provide healthy annual salaries. Consider enrolling in a certificate or degree program at one of the many Pennsylvania technical schools today.

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