A PC support specialist might work at a help desk, as an in-house associate, or a field representative. They need to understand various aspects of PC support such as security, networks, administrating and operating systems. Performing regular maintenance is as important as the ability to spot problems and take corrective steps. Some of the courses a student might take include, desktop support; network +; Microsoft windows server; designing network security; maintaining PC hardware; and math.

All types of businesses rely on computers. Thereby, a wealth of opportunity exists for those with a degree or certification in the field of maintaining them. If a business provides computers for its employees, they must also provide for the maintenance of those machines. A PC support specialist could also choose to work on home computers. A section of the industry serves home computer users who need help with software and hardware. A job seeker who is interested in this line of work should take the first step of checking into the classes and courses offered by PC support specialist schools.

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