The state of Oregon is located in the northwestern part of the U.S. Its western border forms the coast of the Pacific Ocean, while its eastern environs are flat and somewhat barren. Its population density is fairly low, ranking around 39th in the U.S. The capital city is Salem, and the largest city is Portland. Portland is a hub for technology industries. The state produces large crops of wheat and other grains, and various types of farming also contribute heavily to its economy. The cost of living, as compared with the U.S. average, varies up to 7 or 8 points higher, depending on location.

Oregon technical schools offer degrees and certifications that prepare students to work as dental assistants and computer information systems database developers, among other professions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that job prospects continue to grow for careers as dental assistants or computer engineers. There are many opportunities, in Oregon, for those interested in the computer and technical field. The best-prepared students have a distinct advantage as they compete for the best jobs. Job seekers can obtain that preparation and training at Oregon Technical Schools.

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