The type of classwork required to obtain an Oracle certificate varies, depending on the specific certification. Some of the certifications require prerequisites. For example, a student who is pursuing certification as an Oracle certified database cloud administrator must learn how to use the Oracle database specifications such as RAC, and Enterprise Management. In order to obtain this certification, students must have already received certifications as both database 11g administrators, and real application clusters 11g and grid infrastructure administrators. They must also pass the Oracle database cloud administration examination, which is typically offered at a pre-determined testing location. Universities that offer Oracle certificates often do so under their continuing education programs. There are no options for an Oracle degree.

Since Oracle offers both the test preparation materials and the products that involved in the curriculum, students must take their Oracle training at an approved, accredited institution. Only schools that have been approved by Oracle can offer genuine certification. Simply completing an Oracle certificate will not usually be enough for a student to get a job as a computer information systems specialist. But, those who are already pursuing a certificate or a degree in the computing field may find that their job prospects rise substantially when they are able to add an Oracle certification to their resumes.

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