North Carolina is located in the southeastern U.S. Its eastern border sits along the Atlantic Ocean, where there are many beach towns that cater to tourists. The western part of the state is more mountainous. The cost of living in North Carolina ranges from five points below the national average in the rural areas, to five points above the average in its cities and beach towns. The state?s largest city is Charlotte, which is home to several banking and finance companies. It’s economy also relies on universities, as well as the research, technology, film industries. North Carolina experiences four seasons and various seasonal weather patterns. The state is also a center for historical sites, including the site of the first aircraft flown by the Wright brothers in 1903.

Several North Carolina technical schools offer certificates, degrees, or diplomas in film and video production, as well as information systems security. A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report states that, for May 2011, a North Carolina film producer/director may earn a higher than average annual salary. The same report shows that a North Carolina information security analyst enjoys favorable job prospects and high annual salaries. From finance to film, the state offers a diverse range of job opportunities.

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