New York state is home New York City, the most populous city in the United States. This metropolitan center offers an incredible range of employment opportunities. While the state has other large cities such as Albany and Buffalo, there are portions of the state that remain rural. The cost of living in the state varies. The New York City metropolitan area is about 50 points higher than the national average, while New York’s rural areas are are similar to the national average. There are many places to live in New York state, from teeming megalopolis to sedate countryside.

New York technical schools offer classes in the fields of applied mathematics and graphic arts production, among others. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows careers for New York state market research analysts and specialists enjoy steady job opportunities, and editors can earn a large annual salary. Degrees in business are especially useful, as many international companies have New York offices. To make the most of the abundant opportunities that the state of New York offers, consider enrolling in one of the many New York technical schools.

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