A network communications management degree program may provide courses to complete a bachelor?s or a master?s degree. The typical coursework includes classes such as, converged networks; advanced network security; and cryptography. These topics give students an understanding of how to perform basic coding tasks, to use broadband and 3G networks, and how to keep a network protected and free from external threats. Some schools also offer a network communications certificate program, but this is usually offered at the graduate level only. Students must have completed at least a bachelor?s degree in order to take the graduate certificate courses. These classes include topics such as telecommunications, law, and regulation; network design; and IP telephony/VoIP.

An accredited network communications management course may provide education that is not offered at non-accredited institutions. In a field like network communications management, it?s essential for students to receive the most recently updated curriculum and training. This may not be available at a non-accredited school. Those who complete their programs can use their education to secure jobs such as a database administrator, network systems and data communication analyst, and network security specialist. All of these fields are rapidly growing, due to the advancement in technology and the need for continued security in the face of computer viruses and hackers.

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