The courses involved in a Network Administration Security certificate program usually include classes such as computer forensics, and network security fundamentals. Students who are pursuing a network administration security associate?s degree may take other courses such as network operating systems, and introduction to switching. These classes teach students how to use various network systems such as Windows and UNIX, and how to operate within virtual area networks. Some colleges may even offer a network administration security bachelor?s degree program that includes such classes as HTML and web development, or network routing. Depending on the school, some students may be able to obtain certification in specific programs such as Microsoft Certification, Linux+, or CompTIA A+.

Accredited colleges and universities that offer a network administration security degree program often feature a more comprehensive education than that offered by non-accredited schools. This often gives these students an advantage when they enter the workplace. Students who finish a network administration security course may find work as network security specialists, database security specialists, LAN administrators, and IT technical support specialists. Individuals who go on to complete a four-year degree in network administration security can get employment as database administrators, network architects, and computer systems administrators, fast-growing industries that have a large demand for new workers.

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