There are several types of Microsoft certification classes available for students. Certification categories include desktop, Office, database, server, and developer; with each category offer certifying courses in several topics. For example, the database category offers Microsoft certification certificates in MCSA: SQL server, and MCSE: business intelligence, among others. The exact classes for each certification vary, according to the type of program. Students who pursue the MCSD: web applications certification study courses such as programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, as well as developing Windows azure, and web services. After completing the training, students sit for an exam in order to earn their certification. Every two years, students must re-certify by taking another examination.

Microsoft certification classes are only available from accredited institutions. Only these schools and programs can issue official Microsoft certification examinations. Students can also take these courses directly from Microsoft. Obtaining Microsoft certification can assist an individual to find work as a computer support specialist or to progress to a job as a network and computer systems administrator. Since the industry demand for workers who are proficient in Microsoft products continues to grow, students who complete their certification training courses successfully may be able to find work faster than those who do not pursue these classes.

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