The specific course outline of a mechanical engineering training program depends on whether a student is obtaining a mechanical engineering degree or a mechanical engineering certificate. A bachelor?s or master?s degree in mechanical engineering typically includes courses such as, computer-aided design; general chemistry; calculus for engineers; and thermodynamics. Students who want to obtain even more education in the field can begin a mechanical engineering certificate program. This type of certificate is only available for those who have already completed a bachelor?s or master?s degree in the industry. Courses in the mechanical engineering certificate program include robotics, matrix theory, and digital control systems.

An accredited educational institution that offers mechanical engineering courses usually offers an advanced level of education compared to an institution that is not accredited. In order to receive accreditation, a school must submit its program and courses for review by an accreditation board and demonstrate that the quality of education is high enough to pass state standards. Students who complete an accredited program in mechanical engineering may find it easier to get hired for an entry-level position after graduation. Since the mechanical engineering industry is experiencing a slowdown in demand, receiving a good education from an accredited school can make the difference when it comes to being hired.

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