The type of training and coursework involved in a program at a technical degree school that offers a master of business administration varies, depending on the specific major a student chooses. For example, an individual who is pursuing a master of business administration degree in technology management may take classes such as, IT management, relational database management systems, and networking. These courses help students learn the essential skills they will need to work in the business technology sector. On the other hand, a student who pursues a technical master of business administration degree at a technical college might choose a traditional business degree program. Typical courses in this program include, managerial accounting, marketing management, and organizational behavior.

Technical degree training and master of business administration degree training help students become equipped to work as corporate managers. Those who complete a technology-focused degree program might go on to work as computer and information systems managers, while those who stick with the business aspect of the field may work as marketing managers, or financial managers. Both marketing managers and computer and information systems managers are in demand, so students who focus on these programs can usually find work soon after graduating. The financial management industry, though, is going through a stagnant phase, and the job demand for this field has decreased substantially in recent years.

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