Internet programming is the backbone of every successful website or web application. Due to this, there are numerous schools offering various internet programmer certificates or degrees. Enrollment in one of these schools requires high SAT scores, particularly in math. This is important as programming, in general, is heavily dependent on logic and math. Some of the classes one can expect in an internet programmer course of study include: basics of HTML and CSS; scripting languages such as JavaScript, XML, PHP, UNIX; and, web database development in MySQL, among others. This however depends on the institution of choice, and the specific curriculum offered.

High demand for internet programmers has led to numerous web programming schools and colleges cropping up. It is therefore very important to check if the institution of choice is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. This will ensure the award of legitimate internet programmer certificates or degrees. The diverse skill set acquired while learning internet programming is priceless in the current job market. This is due to the insatiable appetite for new web applications and websites. Internet programmers can also decide to specialize in networking, software development, database administration, and other IT specialties.

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