It can be daunting for a prospective industrial design student to identify what exactly constitutes a top industrial design school. There are many factors to consider, but ultimately the best program depends on the needs and interests of each student. Some factors to consider are tuition costs, location, quality of the faculty, length of the program, and non-academic programs.


When examining program cost, students should ensure that they are getting what they pay for. The best art programs not only provide an excellent work environment but their locations are also home to potential employers in industrial design. Faculty members at top design programs are experts in their field and have connections in the industry. Students should consider the length and type of program, as some programs offer a variety of degrees and programs in industrial as well as interior, fashion, and graphic design. Some students may be interested activities that design programs offer in addition to academic programs, such as sports, student government, and other clubs and organizations.

When assessing programs that top industrial design school offer, it is important to investigate the potential opportunities, such as scholarships, grants, internships, and how the school assist in finding the best jobs. This information is often obtained through communication with Alumni who have graduated. The ultimate goal for any industrial design student is to obtain an exciting job in the field, which can be done by finding the art or design school with a mission that most closely matches their own vision for the future.

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