The population center of the state of Illinois is Chicago. The city?s population in July 2011, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, was over two million residents. Chicago is a major financial and industrial world player and needs workers of all kinds to support it. Other parts of the state thrive on its agriculture, transportation, and natural resource industries. A resident of the state may choose to live in the state’s large cities, outlying suburbs, small towns, or rural areas. Overall, state’s estimated cost of living of ranks just below the national average.

The state of Illinois is home to major companies in the aircraft, retail, and engineering industries, creating a demand for jobs that support these industries. Jobs within the engineering and mechanics fields can be very lucrative for certified technicians, and several Illinois technical schools provide courses in aviation technology. Health services is another growth industry within the state, and students may obtain training with courses offered at state technical schools. The need for licensed nurses within the state continues to grow, creating more opportunities for graduates from Illinois technical schools. If you are interested in pursuing a new career within a technical field, consider enrolling in one of the many state schools.

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