Entry into a game software development certificate program or degree generally requires good SAT or GCSE scores in both math and English. It is relatively technical and a bachelor?s degree program may take up to four years of fulltime study. Since the course is heavily dependent on programming, students can expect to take classes in games programming, and object oriented software development. Students will also learn about computer systems development, media content creation, mathematics for computer games, and even networking technology. It is also important to enroll in an institution that is recognized by the Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology.

The demand for interactive multimedia is rising and with it an increased need for skilled game developers. Game software development brings together a variety of disciplines, this gives quite a bit of flexibility for professionals in the job market. Apart from working for game development companies, game software developers can also find opportunities in animation, graphic design, web design, visual effects, and computer programming. The software and gaming industry is quite competitive and it therefore helps to have a range of skills which are adaptable to a variety of industry requirements. Specializing in game software development provides a good foundation.

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