The best film programs in the country are notable for going beyond film as entertainment. The following is a list of these programs and why you should study film with one of them.

The best film programs go beyond film as entertainment. They not only familiarize you with the technologies and skills involved, but they offer you an opportunity to study film as an art form, learning about its history, criticisms, and how it affects culture. You will be given a chance to help take film into the future. Depending on your area of study, a film program will teach you to be a critical thinker and good communicator. 

The film industry offers a wide range of career options. A college that offers a film program can prepare you for a career as a screenwriter, director, producer, film editor, and production or sound designer. Even animators can earn their degrees through a film program.

There are several things to consider when choosing a film program, such as areas of study offered, so you can enroll in a program that is right for your career. Consider student to teacher ratio, which is the number of students per teacher. You want a film program with updated facilities, such as studios and computers. Additionally, look for a program which offers internship opportunities and career placement assistance.

With that in mind, there are several universities which offer study in film. The following are the Best Film Programs, and what makes them notable.

Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA.
This university boasts excellent state of the art facilities, including an 8 story Digital Arts Center. Specialized labs include computer workstations, silicon graphics workstations, Adobe Premiere workstations, AutoCAD labs, digital editing suites, multi track sound editing stations, and blue screen studios. The Academy of Art University also boasts a 91% career placement success.

American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA
With a student to teacher ratio of 8:1, this is a very intimate film program. Popular degree programs offered are MFAs in Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, Production Design, and Screenwriting so you are sure to find an area of study that is perfect for you. The American Film Institute also gives you access to the Screen Actors’ Guild Conservatory Office, the National Image Database, and the Catalog of Feature Films.

Chapman University, Orange, CA
The Film Program at Chapman University offers specialized degree programs, such as an MA in Film Studies for the student who is interested in theory and criticism. Other degrees offered are MFAs in Film Production, Film and Television Producing, and Screenwriting. There are also independent study programs as well as many internship opportunities.

Hollins University, Roanoke, VA
Hollins University has a student to teacher ratio of 8:1. The film program is unique in that it offers self-designed majors. They also offer independent study and internship opportunities.

New York University, New York, NY
New York University’s Film Program has specialized departments for study. There is a Department of Design for Stage and Film, a Department of Performance Studies, and a Department of Cinema Studies. NYU also offers a Graduate Acting Program.

Before you make a decision, do your own research. Request information from schools and make an appointment with an admissions advisor. Get as much information as you can and you will find a school that is not only good, but has the best film program for you.

Did you know:

According to US News and World Reports the following are the top 2010 National Schools offering Art majors

1.      Yale University – New Haven, CT
2.      University of Chicago – Chicago, IL
3.      Northwestern University – Evanston, IL
4.      Brown University – Providence, RI
5.      Rice University – Houston, TX

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