Many factors must be considered in naming the best film college, but ultimately it comes down to the individual. Each student must decide what makes the best film college for him or her. Here are some points to keep in mind.

The faculty is one of the more important factors. Well established schools will have experienced teachers who will not only instruct, but will also guide students into the industry with a job placement program. The best way to judge the faculty is by looking at the college alumni and their successes. The best film colleges should prepare you for your career of choice as a: film editor, producer, writer/director, stage designer, actor, 3d-designer or talent agent.

The college’s facilities must also be looked at. The best film college should have modern equipment and well stocked libraries. Any extra-curricular programs offered, such as sports and social events should also be taken into consideration. Determine if each program offers a full complement of courses such as: acting, writing, directing, digital design, sound and visual effects, production, game design and entertainment business management? The best film colleges have complimenting programs in audio and visual design and can prepare you for a career in the music industry or the arts.

The best film Colleges can be expensive and the prudent student must look at the expenses and living costs. While tuition cost may play a role in choosing a film college, one must also look at the school’s financial programs. The best film Colleges have grants and scholarships available and information on how to effectively apply for financial assistance.

Location is important in picking the best film college for the student. Whether the school is in a rural area or urban will decide what transportation is necessary. It’s crucial to take into account the culture of the prospective school, and the surrounding area for the best film college experience.



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