What defines the best fashion schools? The answer to this question lies within each individual student. Choosing a school to kick start your fashion career begins with assessing your personal needs and ambitions. Coming up with a priority list may help you focus on what fashion school is best suited to you. From there you can research what each school has to offer that fits your personalized list of priorities.

Deciding on your career path is one of the main things to consider when choosing one of the best fashion schools to attend. While many people enter into their education in the fashion industry with the hopes of becoming the next Vera Wang or Ralph Lauren, numerous individuals choose to focus on the business side of fashion, and others yet to advance or specialize in their current career (i.e., interior design or decorating). Whether you want to design a clothing line, become a buyer for one of the top retailers, or run your own retail clothing business; you should make sure that the fashion school you choose will prepare you for what your career ambitions are in the fashion industry.

Another important consideration for most students is the cost associated with attending school. Will you work to help pay for your tuition and/or living expenses? Do you have a college fund or a scholarship? Will you apply for a grant or do you require funding, such as a student loan, to pay for your education? Tuition for fashion school varies between schools and is dependent on a variety of factors such as in-state vs. out-of-state schools, the degree you want to obtain, and whether or not books, supplies, etc. are included. If you choose to attend a fashion school out-of-state, you will need to consider the costs associated with factors like moving and accommodations as well. You may also want to consider whether you want to attend a stand-alone fashion school or a college that offers the fashion courses you require.

Now that we’ve focused on the main considerations of choosing a fashion school, let’s look at some other things you may want to consider. In addition to the fashion courses they need to take, some students want to choose a school that offers extracurricular activities that are important to them. Some find it important to choose a fashion institution that offers job placement or an internship. Others may decide that the careers achieved by the fashion school’s alumni are of importance. This is just a short list of considerations and by now you are probably well on your way to creating a priority list that will allow you to narrow down the best fashion schools.

Again, choosing a fashion school is an individual choice and by now you are well on your way to making that decision. No matter what your career path or what your personal priorities are, there is a fashion school to fit your needs that will make your career in the fashion industry an exciting and rewarding one.


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