Is a Fashion Career Right For You?

If fashion is your passion, then this field is the right career move for you. If you have an intrinsic sense of style and can even infuse your own distinctive style into your common everyday appearance then you might want to think about pursuing a fashion career. Whether you wish to go creative or stick to the traditional, fashion has a lot to offer the aspiring designer.

Clothes used to be worn for protection against the elements.  Today, your clothes represent your style and fashion statement. The colors you choose influence the way you feel. To put it simply, your clothes reflect your personality. It says volumes about your image and the way you think. If this is the way you think about your clothes then you’re ready to launch your fashion career.

A Successful Fashion Career Depends on These Traits

High levels of creativity and style: The world of fashion is very dynamic and new trends evolve almost everyday. You need to be able to adapt to changing styles and thought processes. Your creativity has to give birth to new ideas for different market segments. Originality has to be your middle name.

A strong business sense: Artistic vision is only part of the game. You need to have a head for business to understand both consumers and the marketplace. A good understanding of budgeting and fashion merchandising take your fashion career to the next level.

Excellent communication skills: Your skills cannot be restricted to the drawing board. As you climb higher on the ladder, you should be able to convey your vision to those concerned and sell your ideas and creations.

Powerful sketching expertise: A fashion career demands exceptional drawing skills for converting concepts into pen-and-paper diagrams – which is the blueprint of the production process.

Sound sewing skills: At a very basic level a fashion designer should be able to construct the desired garments. Although a seamstress may be responsible for this activity, good sewing skills will give a designer an upper hand.

Understanding of materials: A fashion designer should be able to innovate with color and fabric to make a design unique. If you can identify which material would be best suited for the design then you are already on the route to success.

Abreast of new trends: Do you have a thirst to know more about fashion? If you are pursuing a fashion career, you need to research existing trends and follow upcoming trends. This only comes as a result of hard work and an in-depth understanding of this sector.

Belief in teamwork: Garment designing and manufacture involves activities such as pattern-making, sewing, merchandising and so on. Be a team player as it takes a team to bring out an exceptional outfit.

Ability to work under pressure: Working under tight deadlines, with various people, can be very stressful. Criticism can also be brutal. You need to take criticism constructively and learn from it.

Education at a Fashion School

To get a formal education in fashion you need to attend a fashion
school. Numerous fashion schools are often listed in art school

Attending a school helps you:

  • Study latest styles and test your skills
  • Learn about patterns
  • Get business training in fashion merchandising
  • Acquire knowledge on mixing and matching colors
  • Gain practical experience

While looking through a fashion school directory, try to find one that is accredited. Such schools provide quality education and hands-on experience.

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