Admission into an engineering management program requires a bachelor?s degree in engineering. The specific entry requirement will vary depending on the institution or school that has been selected. However, the engineering degree has to be from a university or college that is recognized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. This accreditation is important in maintaining quality education standards for engineering courses. Depending on the curriculum, students can expect to take the following classes: engineering; logistics and project management; quality engineering; manufacturing systems; and, business and engineering information. The period of training will depend on the preferred mode of study.

Engineering management professionals are a necessity in virtually all engineering projects. Their specialization in project management, planning, communication, and problem solving skills enables them to effectively manage teams of engineers. Specialists in this field are also an integral part of the manufacturing process and are required to work out logistics and implement projects in factories and manufacturing plants. They will also be looked upon to drive innovation in their respective firms. A growth rate of 9% per year is expected for this field with major drivers being biomedical and environmental engineering. These are other fields engineers should consider specializing in.

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