Are you detail-oriented? Would you like a career where you create precise technical drawings using advanced science and technology? Perhaps you would be interested in a career in drafting. Drafters create technical drawings that communicate specifications for disciplines such as engineering, plumbing, and architecture. Most drafters use software like CADD, Computer Aided Draft Design. In order to become a drafter, you’ll need an education from a one of the best drafting schools, and this essay will give you a road map of how to find the best drafting schools. To begin with, you’ll need to know which field you want to enter, what kind of skills and education prospective employers are looking for, and what the schools themselves are going to be like.

Start out by making a long list of all the drafting schools in your area. You’ll find mostly technical schools and community colleges on the list. Now, you’ll want to narrow the list down. The first thing you need to think about is what kind of drafting would you like to do. Think about your interests. If you enjoy watching episodes of Wings, maybe you’ll want a career in aeronautical drafting. If you are fascinated by the construction of bridges and roads, perhaps you’ll want to be a civil drafter. Once you have decided which field of drafting you would like to enter, narrow the list down to the schools that carry courses and certifications in your specialty.

To further shorten your list, look for engineering firms or departments that specialize in your chosen field, and find out which schools they prefer to recruit from. You want to go to a drafting school that’s going to take you to your next job, so its a good idea to start scouting in that general direction. Also, this will be a good way of networking with potential employers for the first time. The 2008-2009 Occupational Outlook Handbook reads that employers want drafters who: can create drafts and mechanical drawings, have a knowledge of drafting standards, are skilled in math and science, understand the technology used in engineering, and can use CADD. Keep these in mind as you narrow down your list, and when you decide on your courses later on.

Your list should be narrowed down to the best drafting schools in your region. Now it’s time to find the best drafting school for you. Visit each of the schools on your list. Take the grand tour, and hang out in the cafeteria. Write down how comfortable you feel at each school. Look inside drafting classrooms and see the condition of the equipment. Most importantly, talk to the faculty and students about their opinions of each school. This is going to give you an idea of which school will be the most productive learning environment for you.

Now you understand the process behind finding the best drafting schools. Remember these steps, decide on your field of study, talk to potential employers, and find out what going to these drafting schools will be like. Keep these things in mind as you go forward into a great drafting career.

Did you know:

According to US News and World Reports the following are the top 2010 National Schools offering Art majors

1.      Yale University – New Haven, CT
2.      University of Chicago – Chicago, IL
3.      Northwestern University – Evanston, IL
4.      Brown University – Providence, RI
5.      Rice University – Houston, TX

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