The types of courses involved in obtaining technical education degrees vary, depending on the exact program or institution. A student who is pursuing a degree program at a technical school will receive training in the major he or she chooses. For example, an accounting major will study courses that focus on learning accounting principles and skills so that the student can find work right after graduation. On the other hand, a student who is pursuing the actual field of technical education will take classes that provide instruction in this particular area. Typical courses might include, teaching special needs, principles of learning, and a student fieldwork assignment.

Students who complete a technical education degree may be able to find jobs in a variety of fields. The available positions depend largely on which major a student pursues and the kind of degree he or she completes. For example, someone who completes a four-year degree in technical education might be hired to work as a technical educator at a high school or post-secondary institution. These jobs are often static, though, which means that new graduates may not be able to find work quickly.

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