Persons that enroll for desktop web publishing certificates or degrees will learn how to develop websites, and how to create quality publications using various software applications. The course involves a lot of computer graphics and art principles, but students will also delve into web design and internet programming. It helps to have good grades in mathematics and English and this training is highly recommended for people interested in graphics or web design. Classes on how to use various design tools like Dream Weaver and Photoshop will be integrated with internet programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, among other skills.

Desktop web publishing professionals often find job placements in online magazines, news companies, and independent publishers. Software companies may also offer positions for them as web or graphic designers. This is because their skill set cuts across web design, internet programming, graphic design, and publishing. Specialists in this field are expected to create, manage, and maintain web platforms that are constantly updated with fresh and well published content. It is a fairly competitive career path and innovation will often be an advantage. It is therefore advisable to accumulate a portfolio of previously completed work, this is advantageous while job hunting.

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